If you can’t afford a First Folio…

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If you can’t afford a First Folio of your own, the next best thing is to come to Shakespeare’s Birthplace, buy a copy of Shakespeare’s Complete Works from the onsite bookshop and then visit the First Folio currently on show in the Treasures Exhibition here at the Shakespeare Centre.  This is exactly what Caroline from Manly Vale Australia did when she and her family made a special trip to the Birthplace recently.  It was great to meet her.

  • Sandyby2

    Well done Caroline. You spoke with real presence. Enjoy the plays. B & J

  • Ruth BULL

    That’s my granddaughter! And the daughter of my son Chris and daughter-in-law, Nicole. Nicole has always been an avid reader and this passion for books has clearly been instilled into Caroline. And, what an amazing experience to be caught on camera in Shakespeare’s Birthplace in Stratford on their recent visit to the UK! Ruth