Love Shakespeare, love teaching Shakespeare

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Silvia Lobato and Carina Bertolo from Buenos Aires, Argentina, love Shakespeare and love teaching Shakespeare.  They brought a party of students round Shakespeare’s Birthplace and it was really great to meet them and share their excitement at being in the place where William Shakespeare was born and grew up.

  • Wg Cdr KJ Bhatt

    Shakespeare,Shakespeare,where are you willy?
    Are you playing with your willy,our just being downright silly!
    Kojak Kojak,how can I be be silly,when the world including bumpkin you,have read about me willy nilly.
    Willy willy isn’t it quite silly that people still say that you’re not you but The Lord from Leicestershire.
    Kojak Kojak didn’t you come and see Lost Cardino here so shut your trap and cool off with some beer!
    CHEERS!! kopterkojak @Utube

  • Matt Tees

    We sometimes take things on our doorstep for granted and it is only when you hear things like this do you step back and think how lucky we are to live and work in Stratford.

  • Silvia Lobato

    It’s such an honour to have been there! And it’s worth pointing out that the staff working at Shakespeare’s birthplace were soooooo nice! It shows that they really love what they do, and that’s highly contagious! I loved the performing of the actor at William’s father’s workplace, and I’ll never forget Katie, who was amzing with us, though she made us blush a bit in front of the camera… Thanks so much for such an unforgettable experience! I’d so much like to go back some day!!!